What To Fill A Punching Bag With?

What to fill a punching bag with sawdust or sand?

Do you want to know What to fill a punching bag with sawdust or sand? This question is on your mind because you have probably purchased an empty punching bag (probably online) and wanted to cut down on the cost of filler and most importantly the transportation costs which are huge for a 150 lbs package. So you received your bag thinking that you could fill it up with old blankets and some leftover sawdust you have in a shed somewhere. Think again.

Punching bag stand for The old days were hard

In the old day people used to fill their bags with dry sawdust or sand, hence the name “sandbag”. These bags were extremely heavy and were all made of genuine leather. Nowadays people buy all kinds of bags, from plastic, PU, Vinyl, Canvas, and artificial leather, and of course some still fork out a nifty pack of greens for genuine leather bags. So in the old days, they had it rough and hard. This led to many injuries to hands and feet. People didn’t kick all that much back in the day because western boxing was mainly the sport that used punching bags. Most Asian martial arts also used kicks of course and they needed a heavier bag, due to the fact that kicks are much more powerful than punches. I believe the Chinese even used to fill the bags up with rice, which they obviously have loads of.

Why go soft? Should fighters be tough right?

They should. But tough and stupid are not synonyms. The reason why nowadays people don’t use sawdust or sand is that the arts have changed. There is much more full contact fighting and much less padding on the gloves themselves. With the MMA boom in effect, almost everyone is doing it. The MMA practitioners usually wear grappling gloves which are more or less colored hands. No padding at all. Hitting a 200lbs sandbag with those is as exciting as hitting a brick wall. Plus you can do the latter for free and save over 100$. Not recommended you do it, don’t get the wrong idea.

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The magic ingredient

Like most of the manufacturers of martial art equipment in the world do, so should you. The secret ingredient is cotton. More precisely cotton rags aka leftovers or trash textiles. It is extremely cheap to come by and you can usually get it for free. I suggest looking at your local seamstress or a nearby factory dealing with anything textile related. They would be happy if someone would get rid of piles of trash textiles they usually have stored somewhere.

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Now you understand clearly What to fill a punching bag with sawdust or sand? Note that you should get a lot of it. It is better to have too much than too little. You will always need it later when the bag settles and you have extra space at the top to fill. Hope you found this on time and that no accidents occurred because of this issue.

Train hard and stay safe.

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