Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review

In the world of sports, nothing is nobler than the sport of boxing. To get into the spirit of boxing, you will need the best equipment and especially a stellar pair of boxing gloves.

There are various options for boxing gloves in the current market, each with its unique material and features. Among them, few pieces of equipment are as excellent and efficient as Venum’s boxing gloves.

This article will provide an in-depth Venum elite boxing gloves review, the advantages and disadvantages of owning them as well as questions that often come to buy when buying boxing gloves. Hopefully, you will be able to get a good idea about this product.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review

No brand is as good in making combat sports equipment as Venum. The care and personalization they put into each of their products are very much evident in their “Elite” boxing gloves, as is evident in their make and material.

Most boxing gloves are quite expensive, and there are seldom such products that can give consumers proper value at an affordable rate. Thankfully, these gloves are a blessing as it provides a wide array of features at a low price point, making it the perfect solution if you’re someone looking to take up boxing as a hobby.

Although the product itself is inexpensive, no expenses were spared in making this product. The longevity and superior service these boxing gloves provide to its users is a testament to this fact.

Physical Aspects

A great deal of care goes into the elite boxing gloves during the manufacturing process. Every pair of equipment is made by hand, which shows the level of dedication Venum chooses to put into them.

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Premium synthetic leather is the primary build material of these boxing gloves. Having this material provides the users with all the real toughness leather can provide while also allowing enough breathing space for comfort so that the hands don’t get sweaty and easily fits into the glove.

Protection is a huge concern for the Venum brand, and it certainly shows in the intensive padding of the Elite gloves. Natural foam is inside every piece within three different levels so that maximum safety levels are there for the user with barely any room for injuries, making it the best boxing gloves for beginners.

Most boxing gloves have ropes for users to fasten it on their hands. However, these users have Velcro instead of rope, which is more effective in securing the glove to their hands and without any hassle in the shortest possible time.

Aesthetic Features

The visuals of the elite boxing gloves replicate the units of modern time. There’s nothing humble in the visuals as there is the bold use of color, and the design is very flashy.

There’s a wide array of color combinations to choose from in this product. Users will either love or hate the aesthetics of the gloves as it goes all-in with the aristocratic design of the unit.

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Very few boxing gloves can provide consistent and smooth performance as the Elite boxing gloves. This consistency is why boxing enthusiasts have leveled this unit to be one of the best Venum boxing gloves.

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One of the key inconveniences boxers have to face is the irritating recoil their hand sustains after every punch they land. However, this apparel has a huge level of shock absorption capacity and will ensure a substantial reduction of the recoil rate and relieve users of that unnecessary and painful vibration in their arms.

Another primary problem user may face the glove getting all slippery from sweat over a long time. Thankfully, this product’s long cuffs ensure that they don’t fall off and lets you punch away with ease.


  • Triple layers of organic foam
  • Structure compatible with natural hand formation
  • Rigorous fortifications at the seams
  • Comparatively larger cuffs
  • Use of Skintex leather as the build material
  • Ability to soften high shock levels
  • A wide array of color combinations
  • Perfect for all skill levels


  • Possibility of collapsing
  • Accidental wrist rotation over long uses
  • Knuckles may start hurting after certain time periods

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Venum Elite boxing gloves:

  1. What is the perfect boxing glove?

Regardless of weight or height, 16oz is the ideal weight for a boxing glove. However, users weighing over 175lbs will be wise to consider 18oz gloves for better output.

  • How will I know which size of the Elite boxing gloves is perfect for me?

To find the Elite boxing gloves’ right size for you, you will need to consider factors. You will have to be familiar with your more substantial hand’s circumference and mass and purchase the size that fits these measurements.

  • Do heavier boxing gloves have a higher impact rate?
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No, this is an absolute myth. Boxing gloves get heavier depending on the level, and amount of padding kept within the gloves.

  • Is it good to wear hand wraps within boxing gloves?

Wearing hand wraps underneath the boxing gloves during training is a great practice. It will help support your wrist and maintain your fist shape, which will help you to land proper punches.

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  • How durable are the Elite boxing gloves?

Elite boxing gloves use Skintex leather as the main component in its manufacturing. Although it isn’t of the same quality as original leather, it is undoubtedly more user-friendly and has longevity good enough to last you a couple of years, at least.

Final Verdict

The Elite boxing gloves aren’t nearly on the same level as premium boxing gloves. But the features it provides within its price point, as you can see in this Venum Elite boxing gloves review, easily makes it the perfect choice for beginners and veterans alike.

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