Type Of Boxing Pad

Do you want to know about the types of boxing hand pads? Read the full article you will be a clear understanding about boxing hand pads.

Focus Pads

These are predominantly used with just boxing and are fantastic for developing speed and ‘focus’. They are small which makes them great for training when it comes to boxing fights or self-defense since the target will normally be small and have to be hit with precision. Focus pads can be used to great effect since they can challenge any boxer, novice, or expert. This is because they can easily be used to practice single punches or complex combinations at different speeds.

Focus pads improve concentration, with the aim to time your punch right without being too short or overextending. They are fantastic for practicing any punch, including your hooks, jabs, and uppercuts. One of the main benefits is practicing different combinations, and there are countless combinations that can be done. The emphasis can be power or speed, but with focus pads, it is normally the latter. Finally, focus pads are very adaptable in that they can be used in other styles of martial arts such as mixed martial arts and grappling, where the purpose would be to target the focus pads when the opponent is on the ground.

Thai Pads

As the name suggests, these are normally used in Thai boxing, but can be used to practice just boxing combinations as well; although normally this would be in conjunction with other strikes, such as kicks, knees, and elbows. Thai pads are great for developing powerful strikes, including punches but especially kicks elbows, and knees. They are extremely effective in that they develop both speed and power, and timing is absolutely crucial especially if you are going to strike with other parts of your body than just your hands. Thai Pads are very popular in Muay Thai and Kickboxing gyms across the country. The beauty about them is you can use them to develop any strike humanly possible (within reason!). For example, you can practice your push kicks and knees, elbows, roundhouse kicks, all types of punches, and much more! This makes them great for practicing combinations that involve many parts of your body. If you are thinking of improving your all-around game by trying Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts, then these are a must!

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Strike Shields

These are big pads (you better believe me), that are great for practicing all types of strikes, including your kicks, elbows, knees, and hands. Strike Shields can be used to practice boxing as well. These would be recommended to the more experienced trainer. There are different types of Strike Shields available, some curved and some flat. The type of Strike Shield you use is based on what you want to train for. As well as allowing you to train strikes from all parts of the body, these Shields are great for learning advanced spinning and jumping kicks. You would benefit more from Strike Shields if you wanted to develop your all-around game which extends to other strikes than just punching. However, these are fantastic for developing powerful strikes and are recommended to anyone serious about improving their striking game.

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Body Pads

Body Pads are best used in combination with Focus Pads and Thai Pads. They have a very specific purpose in allowing you to practice different combinations while helping to vastly improve your timing, power, and distancing,

which is very important in fighting sports such as boxing. They will develop your overall ability in connecting with your punches, and improve your combinations. Another advantage is they can be used in sparring, especially if you are new. While providing protection to the one person, they will allow the other person to practice targeting as they would in a real fight.

Training Tips for Boxing Pads

Boxing pads are used for training purposes in martial arts gyms around the country. They are fantastic for developing the skills required in self-defense as well as building confidence in this regard. However, aside from their use in self-defense, boxing equipment is now extremely popular in households. Boxing training can provide great fitness for anyone, young or old, and is one of the best stress busters. That is why boxercise is now so common, with thousands of people conducting their own classes at home. You will find that boxing pads provide fantastic enjoyment too. So no matter whether you are a novice or expert, wanting pure fitness or competing in fights, trust us when we say that boxing pads are a great investment!

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