Ringside Youth Boxing Set Review

When looking for a top quality youth boxing set, you need to spend your money on the right item. The Ringside Youth Kids boxing kit training bag set is a fine starting point for many youngsters looking to learn how to lay a glove on someone.

How good, though, is the Ringside boxing kit? Does it really live up to the hype? Can it help you to get your child into the world of boxing and encourage development?

Features Of Ringside Youth Boxing Set

  • A smart and simple youth boxing set that should make getting any young child into boxing very easy. Made from good quality materials that delivers everything that you need in the one package to help get your child throwing punches with accuracy and rapidly growing in confidence.
  • Great for boys and girls aged 2-5, though as you will see below the size can be a minor issue. Generally, though, this is a fine starting point for any youngster that wants to learn more about boxing and would like to have something to practice on when time allows.
  • The excellent and high-quality design makes this perfect for just about any parent really looking to help improve their children’ attitude to physical exercise. High-quality headgear and chin strap keep the boxing equipment on while your child works, making it easy for them to learn early-on about exercise.
  • Available in various styles so that you can get it to look just your favorite boxing gym.
  • Made from high-quality materials ensuring that your little one should be able to work on using this without worrying about damaging or ruining the quality of the equipment or the stitching otherwise.
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  • Excellent for most age ranges, this is a good youth boxing set for starting up with.
  • High-quality materials used in both bag and equipment.
  • The gloves and headgear should fit just about any child.
  • Great use out of the boxing set (until the child outgrows it).


  • Perhaps a little smaller than you might have expected.
  • Taller kids might find it very hard to work with.
  • Suitable for the youngest, but might be quickly outgrown.
  • Packaging can be poor depending on where it comes from.
  • Nothing provided to hang the bag from, which can be frustrating.

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So there you go.How was the Ringside Youth Boxing Set Review? Overall, this youth boxing set is a good starting place for most parents looking to help their child learn self-defense. It should be stated though that the size is a major issue for many; don’t expect anything too large at all.

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In fact, most petite children might find that this is simply too small for them. If you want something that a child could use right up to their early teens. If you want a youth boxing set that does the job, though, this can almost certainly be a fine way to introduce a youngster to the sport.

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