A Life-Changer Kicking Shield – Rdx Focus Mitts Review

Why We Love RDX Focus Mitts (And You Should, Too!)

Looking for a Punching Shield that won’t break the bank?

Let me take a wild guess; you are a trainer who is working with combat athletes and have to use these inferior mitts multiple times a day.

Does this sound like you?

No doubt, you need something for the “wear and tear” on your body pale. As you have to use it frequently, the budget

is a significant factor.

Don’t worry; I got something for you at an incredibly cheap rate. Yes, you are right. I am talking about RDX focus mitts!

What makes this so unique?

Keep reading this RDX focus mitts review to know why everyone loves it.

Why RDX focus mitts?

RDX Sports perceive what it takes to be a boxer, athlete, fighter, and artist.

Admit it!

The spirit that pushes the maddening hunger for greatness and glory is directly proportional to your desire for self-improvement.

The result?

Technologically sound, high-quality, and affordable items in the lines of Fitness, MMA, Boxing, BJJ, and Muay Thai that is designed to enhance your training session and last you a career.

RDZ believes that no matter what the cost – the athlete comes first. Begun in 1999, their fight was for too expensive a price tag against the rising tide of japan, Mexican and American combat sports companies.

Rdx focus mitts review

Undoubtedly, RDX Sports is the brand that set up the philosophy of Fitness and Combat Sports. And this time RDX Boxing Pads rocks again.

Wondering why it is considered as one of the best focus mitts of this time?

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Check this out:

Specification at a glance

  • Color: white
  • Size: standard
  • Material: 100% authentic cowhide leather
  • Loop: Double-end loop
  • Type: Focus mitts
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds

Also awesome as

This pair of glove is widely known as punching mitts and focus mitts training, but you probably don’t know it’s actually a versatile fitness gear. You can also use it as:

  1. RDX Boxing Pads
  2. Gel Focus Mitts
  3. Muay Thai Hook
  4. Jab Curved Training Strike (Kickboxing)
  5. Target Hand Pads
  6. Martial Arts Punching Shield


I have to admit it; these Curved boxing mitts were built with trainers in mind. The slight concave angle of the pads over the wrist area is actually my favorite part.

Too true!

As the name indicates, It’s actually a focus mitt. The wrist strap is a superb addition, keeping you away from having to deal with those mid-drill adjustments. Hence, the inside of the slip has light cushioning for the backside of the hand. Not only well- cushioned, it’s also very well ventilated.

What else?

Three slots over it at are back of the hand actually prevent “glove hand” after the boxer’s heavy mitt work. That’s why it works great for hooks and uppercuts. Another thing that impresses me most is the impact absorber over the palm; this feature makes it always painless.

Material and durability

Always keep in mind; that quality material plays a huge role in product longevity.

Get it?

Now let’s come to the point, this fantastic pair of mitts is all leather, and literally has solid stitching throughout. All of the seams join nicely, and there don’t appear to be any weak spots at all.

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See the difference?

There is a huge difference in craftsmanship and design from the rest of the other mitts on the market right now. Hopefully, it will last five years or even more if you can take proper care.

Check the current price on Amazon

5 Features you’ll Love About the RDX Focus Mitts

Remember that confidence and determine the look of Bruce Lee with a wonderful piece of punching pads on hand?

I’m sure none can forget it.

This simple yet gorgeous pair of the mitt will give you such a confident look. RDX Focus Mitts is such a lovely pad which not only good-looking but also helps to raise your ability level.

Let’s see some noteworthy features that may surprise you how the company is offering such a masterpiece at this low-end cost.

Have a look:

1. Authentic cowhide leather material

Made up with 100% cows protect leather, not only authentic but also with tremendous shock-absorbent gel-lining for a durable, active training aid that will help you to raise your ability level.

 2. Well cushioned

Strike with full-force Tri-Slab Supremo-Shock, coupled with Shell-Shock gel, gives effective force dispersion while dome design ensures a better grip.

3. Air ventilation 

Air ventilation ensures breathability and keeps your hands comfy.

Too good!

The natural curvature of the hands, extra padding, and the ball inside truly help these old hands.

4. Comfortable feel

Mesh over palm gives a cozy, dry feel for the wearer as this pair can wick moisture and sweat away from your hands.

5. Shock absorbent foam

Light shock-absorbent foam along with layers of padding palm reduces the force of massive impact (side and on the wrist)

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Rdx mitts price

Considering the features it offers, I must say these RDX pads are pretty reasonable. So far, these mitts are Good stuff for the money and well worth.

What we like most

Heavy padding: The padding is quite substantial on these; almost two inches thick, and the best part is pretty dense. Plus, it comes with a subtle air pocket over its palm to absorb impact.

Very versatile: As I mentioned earlier, it’s actually a versatile pad that can be used in various ways.

Better grip: Dome design offers better grip.

What could be better?

Much Bulkier: No doubt, this mitt is well made. Being solid, probably, the manufacturer can’t cut its weight. As a result, it’s much bulkier than others.

Keep in mind

If you aren’t a heavy hitter—kickboxing or martial art–these might not be the right choice for you. Therefore, if you are working with a strike with power, no doubt you should buy these as soon as possible.

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Final words

As you can see, the focus mitt is such a pair of pads that can help you to be more effective and balanced in your training and practicing sessions.

These mitts literally have exceeded my expectations, and I am pretty sure you will be thankful for suggesting them.

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