Punching Ball For Kids with Stand and Gloves Review

Fitness for a child is a very important thing, and for that reason, a punching ball for kids can make great sense. It gives them something to work on to help improve footwork, hand-eye coordination, agility, physical strength, and more.

How good, though, is the punching ball for kids from TechTools? Does it do a good job of helping kids get the above benefits?

Let’s take a look at how this ball exercise works, and if it’s quite what children need.

Key Features Of Punching Ball with Stand and Gloves:

  • Bounces Back: The first key feature is that the ball will bounce back into place. Even after the sturdiest of haymakers, this will spring back into position without flying around the place.
  • Great Physical Fun: Rather than watch your child knock people out in video games or watch people get KO’d on TV, let them work on their own physical prowess with this. It’s a great ball for a lightly strenuous but hugely rewarding physical exercise that will help keep any child in better physical shape.
  • Boosts Belief: Getting into good physical form is vital for any developing child, as is giving them belief in their own bodies. As their form improves and they get more used to ducking and weaving, striking and jabbing, they’ll begin to get much better self-belief from working on this ball time and time again.Read: Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag Review
  • Easily Adjustable: Capable of going from 35-50”, this offers plenty of height adjustment so don’t worry about your child outgrows it. You can even give them some easy coaching lessons on the ball with the fact that all but the tallest adults can strike this without stopping or losing posture.
  • Quick to Assemble: The bag will be blown up in seconds and the stand itself takes only a moment to set up, making sure you can get your child working out in no time at all.
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  • Strong and sturdy, meaning that it should last for many more years to come.
  • Great quality of ball and gloves ensuring that it can take multiple hits without impacting on the bones.
  • Good for helping a young child improve physical control and make sure they are more physically disciplined.
  • An exercise that takes up very little room in the household, ensuring great, lasting education and physical management.


  • Not as stable as you might expect; might need to weight it down with something to avoid it falling over.
  • Children working on their balance at early stages might find it too easy to knock over due to leaning when not standing in place.
  • Bag inflates very fast but needs to be inflated regularly.


This punching ball for kids from TechTools is a good starting point for any child who wants to get into boxing, or just stay sharp physically. While it might not be the most balanced punching stand out there, it’s a great introduction and is certainly easier to find space and balance for instead of a punching bag.

While it might not be as sturdy as you could expect, it’s a great starting point for any budding boxer or athlete.

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