Punching bag workouts to lose weight

Cardio exercises have become very boring as well as unpleasant. The fact is that these exercises involve non-stop exertions that strain your body and at the same time, they take a long time to complete. These days, few people have that much time to devote to cardio exercises. Fortunately, punching bag workouts to lose weight offer a perfect solution to those who are constrained for time and who need to lose weight pronto.

punching bag workouts to lose weight

A fun option

For many of us, punching bag workouts to lose weight are fun to do. Compared to cycling or running, these exercises are very satisfying and are perfect to unwind after a long day at the office. Punching a bag allows you to let off steam and the fact that you are fighting an opponent who you cannot see gives you an opportunity to believe that you are the next Jackie Chan or Batman.

Improve your technique

The nice thing about punching bag workouts to lose weight is that you can improve and hone your technique with every punch thrown at the bag. What’s more, you can vary your punches and incorporate kicks as well as use ducking and weaving movements to vary your exercise. Since you are not using your knees you can punch at full throttle without worrying about injuring your knees.

Work up a sweat quickly

It also won’t take long for you to work up a sweat and you will find that soon after you begin punching the bag you will become breathless. This increases your satisfaction levels and it also motivates you to continue with your workout.

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An Effective endeavor

It is good to know that punching bag workouts to lose weight are very effective. When you are punching or kicking a bag you are using your entire body for a certain period of time. The result of this is that it produces a more emphatic anabolic and metabolic effect – the result of which is the production of a greater number of hormones. Best of all, it means that you can burn a greater amount of fat in a very limited period of time.

Resistance cardio workout

Punching a bag is a good type of resistance cardio workout. You will be hitting a certain target and that means that your body will burn fatter and your muscles will also become more well toned. After performing punching bag workouts to lose weight you will not only succeed in shedding weight but you will also develop your legs and buttocks as well as arms, abs, and shoulders.

Do it right

Keep in mind that though punching bags are a powerful tool in itself, you must ensure that you punch the bag in the proper manner. Just throwing a few punches will not do the job. Instead, you need to constantly punch and kick the bag so that you are always on your toes and are constantly active. Also, makes sure that you exert your body all the time but make sure that you do not do anything that will cause an injury. So, don’t punch with too much force as that could cause an injury.

Also, be sure to go flat out at between seventy and one hundred percent of your energy output. Since it is impossible to do this for long periods of time, be sure to alternate between resting and exerting your body to the limit.

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It has been said that practice makes man perfect. In sports like kickboxing and martial arts, punching bag practice is a very instrumental activity to get the actual experience of boxing in the ring. Such kind of workout really gives you an idea of your punching speed, power, and defense strategies. So fight with punching bags and feel free and confident in the boxing ring.

Really, by imaging the punching bag as your opponent in the boxing ring, the player can carry out lots of practice sessions before the final countdown. The punching bag provides all kind of boxing workouts to the boxer. By generating powerful kicks and punches on the punching bag, the user can increase his endurance of punching and kicking. By doing punching bag workout, the boxer can reinforce his eye-hand co-ordination more accurately and efficiently. It provides flexibility to the muscles of the fighter.


In addition to these benefits, the rebound of the punching bags simulates the rebounding action of the opponent boxer. Therefore, that really gives the live training to the boxer while getting ready to the final fight. Such kind of continuous practice with rebounds of the punching bag strengthens the defense of the boxer. Therefore, such kind of punching bag workout really shows the significance of the punching bag in the boxing accessories.

A kit of the boxing accessories containing the punching bags, punching gloves, boxing helmets, stands, platforms are also facilitated with CDs, DVDs, guideline booklets to their customers. It gives live experience about how to practice real boxing workouts with punching bags. Though the real intention is to attract the customer, it really provides live experience about how to carry out punching workouts for live match of kickboxing and martial arts. From such live video showing how to perform the punching workout, the customer can follow the punching bag workouts, which are mentioned below.

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The player can perform punching bag workouts in the indoor place like his home, physical workout center like the gym. While doing the punching bag workout, stand close to the heavy bag. By bending the knees and moving your shoulders go up and back side with proper rhythm, throw consecutive punches on the punching bag with both hands alternately. Always concentrate on the center of the bag with your eyes, which should be at shoulder level of the bag. Then again, bend down to the knee and repeat the exercise. The player has to repeat this workout for 30 seconds.

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So by doing such recorded punching bag workout, the player not only accurate his kickboxing basics like punching style, defense and rebounding but also increase his punching stamina and gets an idea about how to crack the defense of the opponent.

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