How To Punch A Punching Bag Without Gloves

For many people, the idea of knowing how to punch a punching bag without gloves seems ridiculous. Why wouldn’t you want to protect your knuckles, wrists, and bones when laying into a punching bag? That’s what the gloves are for after all, right?

Well, for some people, gloves can be hard to find comfortable, move your finger in or feel like you have any control over. If that is the case, you shouldn’t be excluded from being able to make the most of your time on the bag. So, what can you do to learn how to punch a punching bag without gloves?

How to Punch a Punching Bag Without Gloves in Simple Steps!

  • So, start off by making sure that your fist is as flat as it can be. This means simply closing your hand, so that your finger sections are all flat together, flush next to each over. Make sure that your top knuckles and the finger below all connect with one flush movement when you land a punch. If you feel they land in the bag at different times, you need to refine your punching technique.
  • Try and keep your hands loose, too, until you actually are about to land the strike. Many go in too tight from the start and strain muscles and tendons; tightening up just as you land the hit can make a huge difference to your punching power.
  • Keep the wrist straight, too. Many people punch with a bent wrist which is not only limited in power but is likely to see your wrist damaged. Keep the arm, shoulder, and wrist all tight as can be you land the blow. Make sure it’s loose en-route, though, as we mentioned above. Basically, think of your arm as one big solid object instead of a litany of many independently moveable pieces.
  • Each punch should see you pull away from the bag at the same pace that you landed the shot at. Focus on trying to land as many fast, rapid blows as you can with a crisp hit each time. Many people make the mistake of trying to go through the bag with a combo; make sure you appreciate that sharp, accurate hits are much more powerful.
  • If you break the skin on your knuckles, you are not doing the above correctly. When you do, don’t keep going; let it rest, make sure it can recover and go back in a few days. If you feel that the knuckle(s) are raised, bruised or otherwise inflamed then you need to give them time to recover.
  • If they feel increasingly damaged and the pain/swelling will not go down, visit a doctor or medical professional and have your hands looked over.
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Mastering the Art Takes Time

By following on with the above, you should find it easier than ever to know how to punch a punching bag without gloves. It takes a lot of practice, but it’s not something only for martial arts experts; anyone can know how to do this with the right timing and training. Yes, it takes a lot of effort, but if you prefer a bare-knuckle approach it’s definitely worth learning more about!

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