How to Hang a Punching Bag?

A punching bag is a basic gear in numerous exercise centers and gyms. It helps in developing speed, coordination and abs and even all-around strength and conditioning. You can hang your punching bag in your own basement or exercise room, however doing as such needs a tad of thought and arranging. A punching bag can take a great deal of punishment, contingent upon your use and strength. It is not only utilized for preparation of boxing but as well as kickboxing or other martial arts.For it to function properly, it should be affixed effectively to give ideal wellness benefits and to stay where you join it. You can hang a punching bag in a number of ways, here, I will tell you how to hang a punching bag to get the most out of it.

How To Hang Punching Bag From A Ceiling Joist:

The first step is finding the ceiling joist. You can do that by using a stud finder or a tape. Ensure that you discover roof joists in a zone that permits movement. Utilize the thump test to twofold check. Pick a place in the roof where the joist meets with a cross shaft, if conceivable. You can focus the mount to the crossbeam for added support.Use a level to ensure that the gaps you are boring are straight over the joists. When you penetrate the openings, make a point to bore them into the focal point of the joist. Connect a hardwood board to the roof. This will be the base for the mount. Append the mount to the hardwood board. Now, you can hang your punching bag.

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How To Hang Punching Bag Outside:

There are special kinds of punching bags available for hanging outside, as they have to sustain the effects of weather. You can hang it from a tree branch or you can get a bag with its own stand to hang it from. These kinds of bags are usually heavier than others. Selecting the right punching bag for hanging outside is very important. For heavy bags with stands, no drilling is needed.

How To Hang Punching Bag On A Wall:

If you are not comfortable in hanging your punching bag from the ceiling, then try hanging it from the wall, using a wall mount. Most gym gear stores offer divider mounts that incorporate all equipment expected to connect it to the wall. This strategy is prescribed for stonework dividers. Else, you may make harm your home. The section of a wall mount is screwed into the wall near the roof.

How To Hang Punching Bag In Basement:

In the basement, you can hang your bag from the ceiling joist, by locating the sturdiest point and using a heavy mount. However, you can also drill holes in your wall and use a wall mount. If you don’t want that then you can use a free-stand to hang a heavy bag in the basement.

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How To Hang Punching Bag Without Drilling:

If you don’t want to drill holes in your ceiling or walls, then use a freestanding. These stands come in all kinds, some have additional wheels for movement. These standing bags are heavier to prevent movement during exercise. If you want to use a free-standing mount, then there is no need for installation. Just attach the chain of the heavy bag to the hook on the stand.

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