The 3-steps to a Successful Heavy Bag Workout (2020)

Step One: Preparing for your Heavy Bag Workout

Before you can start, you need to be sure you have the right heavy bag and boxing gloves in order to avoid injury and conduct an effective heavy bag workout. Be sure you learn how to wrap your hands also as this will offer great additional protection for hands and wrists.

Heavy Bag Workout

Right, when you’re ready it is important to warm up, there are a number of ways to do this, skipping is the preferred warm-up but if this is not available then simply jumping lightly on your toes while swinging your arms in a circular motion should be enough. Do this for around 3-5 minutes.

Once you’re warmed up, grab yourself a timer as we’re going to break our workout into three 2-minute rounds.

Now before you start, there is something vital that you should keep in mind; and that is the importance of defense. The way to do this is to always think of your heavy bag as an opponent who could fire a punch at you at any moment, so never stand in front of the bag like a sitting duck waiting to have its head blown off! check out our section on defense in your heavy bag workout to discover my little secret to visualizing the bag as an opponent.

Now with all that out of the way, set the timer for two minutes, and let’s begin.

Step Two: Starting the Heavy Bag Workout

When many people start a heavy bag workout, they fail to understand the correct boxing techniques. Now I’m going to start with defensive work and movement to begin, as I believe this is a very important part of the heavy bag workout which is often neglected.

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Now firstly, be sure that you keep on the balls of your feet and allow your muscles to relax. It is very important that you’re not stiff or tense when working the bag, as this will decrease your power, and speed and use up unnecessary energy. As Muhammad Ali once said “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, and that remains true to this day!

The next step is to learn how to confuse your opponent with body movement. To do this, be sure that you never stay stationary, you’re always on your toes, and keep your guard is up at ALL times.

Move around the bag-switching directions spontaneously and swiftly. The second step to confuse your opponent is to weave your upper body from side to side now and again, preferably after throwing a punch combination or after switching directions (I found this helped while fighting an opponent).

Now that we have the defensive side out the way, time for some offense. Before you start throwing barrages of punches, it is a good idea to know how to throw basic boxing punches. When throwing punches try to throw three to four punches per combo. Use the jab to keep your opponent away whenever you need feel you need to gain a little energy back.

Practice throwing different combinations and maybe even faking some punches. When you finish a combo I can’t stress enough how important it is to return to your original defensive stance as soon as your hands return. Your punches should be quick and sharp by staying relaxed and not allowing yourself to become tense, this will increase the speed of the punch and ultimately result in increased power.

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Once you begin to pick up some of these techniques we can help you create your own specific MMA heavy bag workout for you, whether it’s to tone up, burn fat, or if you want to improve your endurance and stamina.

Step Three: Record your progress

Try to keep a record of the number of punches thrown each round, this will enable you to track your performance each time you do your heavy bag. This is a great way to see how much you’re improving and really helps you stay motivated for the next time you do your heavy-bag cardio workout.

Another way to see improvement is by gradually increasing either the time or amount of rounds each time and seeing how much you can endure. To see results you must push yourself, this workout can potentially be completed within 10-15 minutes so it must be intense. Aim to beat the number of punches thrown each round to give yourself something to aim for every time.

These steps are all very essential in maximizing your mma heavy bag workout, yet so many people are not made aware of them.

The Importance of Changing Up your Heavy Bag Workout

A heavy-bag workout is great for achieving goals. But if you really want to develop results faster, it is important you change up your workout every so often, as this confuses your muscles. Why is that a good thing? Well, when you conduct a specific workout for a few months, your body starts to get used to it, and therefore your workout only begins to work your body to 80% of its actual potential.

So as I know there are a lot of you that have been really focused and determined on your heavy bag workout, I want to show you guys and girls a great alternative boxing workout to throw in from time to time to ensure your muscles aren’t getting too used to your heavy bag workout!

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Who Said You Were Too Cute For a Heavy Bag Workout?

Many people believe that heavy bag workouts and anything boxing related is far too aggressive for women to perform. This couldn’t be farther from being true. The truth is, heavy bag workouts can have a woman’s body looking amazing! It has the ability to tone the body all over and increase a woman’s confidence so that they can walk with their head high, feeling great inside.

Sit-ups For Your Heavy Bag Workout

There are many additional exercises that can be done in addition to your heavy bag workout. Sit-ups are a great way to work the stomach muscles. Although if you want your sit-ups to benefit your heavy bag workout then you’ll need to ensure your sit-ups are performed correctly and specifically for boxing. Your boxing technique can benefit greatly from strong abdominals, although there is a specific sit-up that can really benefit you

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Push-ups for Your Heavy Bag Workout

Push-ups are a great way to increase your upper body strength. They are especially great if your looking to increase your punch strength in you’re heavy bag workout. This is because they work very similar muscles, except push-ups, are obviously more intensified due to the force of your body weight, which makes it a great addition to your heavy bag workout. Although here at we’re going to do one better.

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