Free Standing Punching Bag review

This is the complete Best Free Standing Punching Bag review which will tell you everything you need to know before buying Best Free Standing Punching Bag.

Are you looking for a quality Free Standing Punching Bag at an affordable price?

Do you want to read expert reviews of bags and their views of Everlast punching bagsFree Standing Punching Bag review compared to others?

Are you looking for an effective punching bag workout? Is it for MMA training, muay thai or other martial arts training?

Over the years I have trained with many bags and want to share my experiences here in this free resource. As well as using a range of gym training equipment for general fitness and stamina I use heavy bags for martial arts and MMA training. It’s incredible how your stamina can improve if you use the correct bag and for me, there’s no better way to train.

The fitness industry seems to offer new technology (often fads!) constantly and while this brings some benefits I believe it can distract us from some of the tried and tested training methods which have been around for years. We all have images of a boxer like the classic Rocky powering punches into a heavy bag and there is very much a place for this today in my mind. For what is a very simple piece of equipment the benefits it delivers are incredible.

Free Standing Punching Bag Benefits

There are many great benefits of training with a free standing punching bag including –

Improved aerobic fitness. It’s not just about punching, by moving around the bag you will use all muscle groups and get a great all body workout.
Enhanced power. Shoulders, arms, back and leg muscles are all developed and these combine to give you substantial improvements in your overall body power.
Improved core stability and general balance. We don’t just stand still and smack! Moving around, shifting your weight and developing combinations of strikes and punches all develop your balance and stability.
Improved striking and boxing technique. This may seem obvious … but there’s a lot of basics which you need to focus on and this will help.

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Improved body shape. I personally have found no better way to strip away body fat and improve definition.
Decreased stress! You really won’t believe how much until you try! There’s no better way to take out your aggression.
Improved martial arts techniques and abilities. This is something I’ve only learned recently from a Muay Thai expert friend. A perfect way to practice and refine techniques without a training partner.
So There you go.How was the Free Standing Punching Bag review? Best of all, working out with a freestanding punching bag is a very low-cost activity requiring minimal effort … and it can be done on your own! I have my bag set up in the garage and try to spend at least half an hour a day using it. The benefits of this simple training regime are incredible and I have lost weight, improved my fitness and stamina to levels of ten years ago and built muscle beyond my expectations. Freestanding punching bags for weight loss is an area I will explore in much greater detail in this blog.


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