Don’t Give Up, Glove Up| Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Review

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Review: Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

Finding the right training glove seems is NOT a big deal, right?

But let me share you from a personal aspect. I bought fancy punching gloves with a high price tag last year. Yes, it was protective but painful.

Annoying, isn’t it?

After that, I tried a couple of gloves, but they weren’t up to my expectation. But then I found out something that everlast pro style training gloves reviewtook my breath away.

Yes, I just fall in love with the everlast pro style training gloves.

Everlast just nailed it!

No matter how hard you’re hitting, it gives you full comfort & protection. Want to know more about this stunning safety gear?

Keep reading this everlast pro style training gloves review, and you’ll find out why it is the hot favorite to a fitness freak.

A Few Words about Everlast

The name Everlast is complementary to fitness and boxing. Well known internationally as a brand of boxing equipment, they started their journey as a swimwear supplier in 1910.

Still not convinced?

Everlast men’s and women’s accessories and apparel continue today to be enormously successful. On the other hand, Everlast boxing equipment remains the undefeated champion of the sports industry for more than 90 years. As the name indicates, Everlast has a classic past and a knockout future.

For whom everlast pro style training gloves designed for?

This amazing training equipment is designed for both Men & Women. The thing that impresses me most, this everlast gloves are not just for training; you can use it several reasons. Hence, this pair of glove is ideal for-

  • Trideer Boxing
  • Kickboxing Bagwork
  • Fight Gloves
  • Muay /Training Punching Mitts
  • Home cardio workout
  • Gel Sparring Training

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Review

If you are looking something for intense and tough training, this pro-style pair is not a smart choice. So far, so good!

So let’s take a closer look.

Specification at a glanceeverlast pro style training gloves review

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Black, blue, green, pink and Red
  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Type: training gloves


Just look at the color and design, isn’t it gorgeous?

This pair of gloves are available in four different colors, including black, green, red, and blue. Among them, classic black is my personal favorite. With the Everlast rectangular logo on the wrist, this glove looks damn cool man.

Now let’s talk about the material.

Made of synthetic leather, these Everlast gloves are equipped with an impressing anti-microbial lining. Meanwhile, the palm of the mitt has a kind of mesh design that keeps your hand cool. The best part of the making is, it’s made up just like the natural shape of wrists, this won’t give you the feeling you are wearing something extra.

Considering the overall design, I could say it’s the cousin sister of everlast new pro-style elite training gloves.

Wow features of pro-style boxing gloves everlast

Hi dude, it’s not just a good looking pair of gloves, there are plenty of features that may surprise you.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Maximizes your grip 

The features that make a massive difference with rest of the training gloves is it’s probably it’s C4 Foam Technology. It maximizes your punching power and grip while offering increased cushioning and support.

Wrist Stabilization Technology

The ProTex3 technology gives firm support to Wrist. Thus, it helps give relief from symptoms related to Carpal Tunnel syndrome or other wrist injuries.

Dual-collar support panel

The glove comes with a dual-collar support panel which also offers superior wrist protection as well as closed-cell foam feature for hand safety.


No wonder, the cost is a big deal and most probably main things to consider when we intended to purchase something.

Does this sound like you?

You are not alone; we all do that. If you consider the features and benefits, undoubtedly it’s the best cheap boxing gloves we have on the market right now. You will get this pair of gloves within 150$. Within this modest price, it is probably the best boxing gloves for beginners.


When I decided to purchase anything, especially training gloves, assurance is a significant factor for me. In this case, Everlast is quite fair.

They warrant their products to be free from defects in artistry and materials for a period of 3 month/120 days from your date of purchase, but yes, if they have not been subjected to abuse, neglect or any misuse.

Good for you.

Everlast is also liable limited to replacing or repairing products that are returned within this 3 month unless specific item literature specifies otherwise. Meanwhile, they offer an overall one-year warranty on this item.

What we like most

Thumb-lock: The thumb lock ensures that it’s thumb is in the proper place while strikes.

Ever new technology:  Thanks to the ever-fresh technology! It helps prevent the awful smell that usually boxing gloves get after prolonged, extended use. It also protects from bacteria and bad odor.

Check the Current Price on Amazon

Affordable price range: Surprisingly, it comes at an extremely reasonable price.

This we don’t like much

Short straps: Short straps and thin padding can’t secure the wrists well enough.

Flimsy thumbs: thumbs are not up to expectation.

Keep in mind

Always wear proper support and hand-wrap when using the pair.

Why am I saying this?

Due to the cut on value to keep the price low, the Pro Style actually isn’t made up with the durable materials; thus, it’s not good enough to tolerate heavy training.

Wrapping up

Everlast pro style training gloves is not only a rare combination of comfort & protection, probably the best boxing gloves at the most reasonable price in the market right now.

But let’s be honest:

This glove is not a top-notch item, but it certainly ensures considerable values around the economical prices. Thus, Everlast Pro is a standard pair of training gloves that are offered at affordable prices that the rest of the other can hardly compete.

Good luck!


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