Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

Boxers required different types of practicing accessories. Today you are going to read our complete Everlast Powercore freestanding heavy bag review. The heavy bag is one of the most popular products among them. If you want to increase the power of your punch, need to practice with a strong heavy bag. Most heavy bags are made of leather or vinyl and are durable enough to provide maximum strength. However, if you need the best product at an affordable price, then the Everlastpowercore heavy bag is for you. If you are confused about this product and don’t know what are you going to get with the product, then read this Everlast Powercore freestanding heavy bag review.

Key features of the Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy Bag:

Compact Design

As you are going to practice with the bag at your home, a compact product is best for you. This unit comes with a compact design that easily suits your home. It doesn’t require an extensive area for setup.

Durable Material

If you want to use the heavy bag for regular purposes, durability is a must. This Everlast heavy bag comes with black synthetic leather and vinyl mixture. Because of its sturdy construction, you can use it for a long time.

Adjustable Height

To get the accuracy in your punching, need to choose the right height of the heavy bag. If you are looking for the best heavy bag with an adjustable system, then this Everlast product is suitable for you. You can adjust the height as you want with a few steps. So, multiple members can use the same bag.

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Stronger Base

Think about punching in the bag continuously, if the base doesn’t have much strength, it will be difficult for you. So, Everlast has used the most hard-wearing material for the base. You can fill it with water or sand, and it provides maximum stability.


It has steel plate technology for improved strength. The high-density plastic neck ensures maximum flexibility. It is not going to hurt you during practice.

Let’s watch a Video Review:

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  • Easy to fill the bag with water or sand.
  • The suit in any small area because of the small
  • Only 25 pounds after filling the base.
  • Height can be adjusted from 52 inches to 65 inches.
  • Used shock absorbing foam with NEVATEAR outer layer for strength.
  • 120 days manufacturer warranty for any issues with the material.


  • For regular light practicing, is ok but not recommended for professional training.
  • A water/Sand base is not enough for some heavyweight person.
  • Some customers have complained that the foam becomes loose from the inside.

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Final Verdict

So there you go. How was Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy Bag Review? If you compare the bag with some high-priced product, you will be depressed. But among different inexpensive heavy bags, this Everlast 250 ponds bag is the best. There is no trouble in the setup and easy to use. For regular warm-up, this is a good product. No matter if you need to carry the bag here to there. Just remove the sand and it is easy to move. You will love the flexibility too.

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