Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag Review

Let’s Discuss Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag. Here is a to a great degree flexible punching bag from an organization whose name is for all intents and purposes synonymous with boxing gear. Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag has been making fine boxing items for quite a few years now. This fine punching bag from them will surely not hurt their notoriety for being an incredible preparing hardware producer.

It has a sturdy and smooth punching bag that is mounted on a post with a firm base. The bag can be balanced as far as possible up to 67 crawls in tallness. Inside the bag is semi-delicate vitality retentive froth that will pad the hits to your hand as you prepare by over and again striking the bag.

Pros :

What do we like best about this fine-preparing item? It would need to be its adaptability. Since it has such a position of safety base it can be acclimated to various statutes. You can put it up high to work on striking the head range, place it in the center to work on striking the midriff, and put it down low to work on kicking legs.

Cons :

There are a couple of things that were a smidgen of a worry as we tried it out. It will move a tiny bit in the event that you punch it or kick it greatly hard. It additionally requires a little investment to fill the base with the sand it requires on account of the little opening.

Everlast Punching Bags – More Bang For Your Buck

Why choose Everlast punching bags? Usually, most people who would like to try out boxing at home would often wonder why they are always recommended to buy the Everlast brand. Obviously, a punching bag is very important when you feel eyeing to have boxing training, whether for professional boxing or simply because you wanted to achieve a physically fit body through boxing training.

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Good thing, if you are looking for fitness and quality at the same time, the best option for you is to choose Everlast punching bags because they provide high quality and great durability at an affordable price. Most people who are just starting boxing are not yet ready to make big investments in equipment because they still want to try things out first. Hence, it would be safer and more practical if you are going to purchase an affordable but durable type of punching bag.

Punching bags marketed by Everlast are guaranteed durable because the company is already well known in the industry. Everlast has been existing for many years and its products are all recommended by professionals because of their durability. Products manufactured by Everlast are made with high-quality materials that can withstand force and pressure without easily wearing off.

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When you want to purchase a punching bag that will provide both durability and affordability, then the best brand would be Everlast. The reason why a lot of boxers recommend this brand is that there are a lot of varieties of models to choose from, depending on your preference. There are even various colors for these punching bags. You can choose from red, black, blue, red, green, and brown.
Aside from the colors, you can also choose from the different shapes and sizes for punching bags. There are uppercut bags, which helps a boxer to develop endurance and stability during practice sessions.

The punching bags manufactured by Everlast are all made with genuine leather. It also comes with nevatear and hydro strike. The weight of the punching bags usually ranges from 40 to 50 lbs. In addition, these punching bags also come with shock absorbers along with ring tabs. The ring tabs are responsible for ensuring the toughness and durability of the punching bag.

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There is more to the ring tabs because the punching bags manufactured by Everlast have this swivel and durable chain that will ensure stability no matter how strong the force applied to it was.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this durable for tall people? My son is 6’2″ and I read about someone saying it breaks when used at the higher setting. Does anyone else tall and care to share their experience?
Answer: I’m 5’11” and 80% of use is at the highest setting. For the weight at the bottom, I recommend filling it with sand and then adding water to get the sand heavy and wet. I used to punch the bag over when I used just water.

Question: is this good for kickboxing or is it too weak to handle that kind of power?
Answer: I and my father both use it. We push close to 300lb each and know how to throw our weight into anything we hit. It can handle kickboxing, along with any other type of CQC.

Question: How much sand do I actually need to buy to fill it up? Also, is the base so wide that you constantly hit your toes?
Answer: I believe it was a 50lb bag. I WOULD RECOMMEND WATER. We chose sand because this is on our 3rd floor and feared a leak… But MAN was it a pain to fill with sand. It took forever and if the sand is remotely damp it doesn’t flow so you have to tilt and whack and shove and sand goes everywhere … Even a funnel isn’t that useful.
I don’t think you would kick the base … It is large but the design depends on height and weight rather than a ton of width to create balance/ballist.

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