Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Bag Review 2022

Everlast 100 Pound c3 Foam Heavy Bag: Should You Go For this Beast?

Alright, the title might be a bit biased here but we can promise you that the article won’t be like that. In this article, we are going to offer you a complete everlast c3 foam heavy bag review.

This has been an anticipated one and we actually got a lot of requests too from our social media. This is a moderately popular bag on the heavy end of business so we get the reason behind those requests too.

Everything will be taken care of today in this ultimate everlast c3 foam heavy bag review. Let’s dive into it.

Features of The everlast c3 heavy bag:

Let’s start with the features. Obviously, we will only be able to cover the primary or important features of this but they are more than enough to form your purchase decision.



The first thing that you will notice about this product is its weight. It is truly a everlast heavy bag with a weight of around 100 pounds.

As a punch expert, you obviously have seen some of those bags that literally move in the wind and flies away when you punch or kick. This bag isn’t one of those. This stays in its position and helps you do better with your punch and kicks.

It is definitely one of the heaviest bags out there if you compare the price with other units. If you are looking for a heavy option that will help you to practice better, there is no doubt on our minds that this is a good pick.

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It has been a recent trend which most of us actually hate. Some of the popular bags out there do not come with filling in materials.

According to those companies, you will have to buy the filler materials separately before you start punching. That’s an additional cost which makes very little sense. Fortunately, this bag doesn’t offer those problems.

On the other hand, the filling it comes with is very good in terms of quality as it has both natural fiber and synthetic mixtures.

It gets comforting and the materials inside stay durable too. One very common problem of bag tearing and materials going all over the place will not occur with this Everlast heavy bag.


You do not want to end up purchasing a new bag every other month. That’s one of the major problems that most people have or at least, used to have.

Also, if we look at it from a different perspective, having a boxing unit that doesn’t look or smell bad also matters. Even small objects such as the hanging mechanism or the ropes that come with the bag should be of good quality so that it doesn’t drop from the ceiling on one punch.

Fortunately, the unit is pretty durable and even with heavy usages, you should expect it to last for quite a bit of time.

Another good part about this bag is the fact that it does not leak materials out. The cloth that has been used to make the outer layer is very durable.

It had to be as it was going to carry a weight of around 100 pounds. Fortunately, it does the job pretty well and you will have a decent enough experience for a few years if you are not a monster.

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Hitting Surface

This might be of a bit of concern for some people. Hitting surface is very important but it seems like the company didn’t take care of this portion that seriously.

The main problem that this everlast c3 heavy bag has is the foam surface that it has the bag. As it already has a foam surface, you will have to assume that you will hit in exactly those spots as they are comfortable and they are meant to receive your hits.

The problem with that is the fact that the hitting area, in that case, becomes way smaller compared to the overall size of the bag.

Don’t get us wrong. The bag is still huge and the fact that it weights 100 pounds also tells you that it is a big bag. However, as it doesn’t have that much of a hitting area, it becomes slightly concerning for some people.

Also, think about it this way. As it doesn’t have a proper hitting surface, you will often end up hitting areas that you are not supposed to hit which will sometime help injuries to occur.

Now, the injuries might not be huge and especially if you use gloves and wraps then there is almost no chance of getting an injury, it is still a negative.

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  • The weight is definitely a plus
  • Very comfortable with increased cushioning and force dispersion mechanism
  • It uses C3 (contoured closed cell) technology which will ensure better cells
  • The materials used inside are comforting as they have a decent blend of fiber
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  • The hitting area as we already mentioned in the features should have been bigger
  • As with any other punching bags, the fillers will start to come out from the bottom after some time of heavy usage
  • It is a non-adjustable unit which means that you cannot shape it depending on your hitting interests.

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Let’s address some of the most common questions that this product gets on the internet.

Q: Can I remove the foams from this bag?

  • Like an Apple device, the foams are non-removable. In fact, you cannot add foams either on your own. However, if you really want to do it, some people actually tear apart and then stitch it again which is obviously not recommended.

Q: What does it come with?

  • If you order on Amazon, it will come with the straps. It does not come with a ceiling mount so you will have to order that separately. If you have a bag stand then you probably do not need a ceiling mount.


Well, there you go. That was your complete everlast c3 foam heavy bag review as we promised. Hopefully, you learned quite a few stuff from this and was able to form a decision of whether to purchase this bag or not.

Combining everything, this is not actually going to be a bad purchase at all.

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