Detailed Starpro Product Review

Performance in combat sports significantly depends on the boxing training equipment. The right tools not only boost your confidence, but they also enhance your skill level and technique too. Technique along with speed, stamina, strength, and endurance are the qualities, every combat athlete needs to develop and practice. That is why one should never compromise on the quality when it comes to training equipment for boxing.

Variety of Boxing Training Equipment

Multiple brands are available in the market offering seemingly similar products. It becomes difficult to decide which ones will suit you best. Therefore, here we are, listing down some of the best training equipment for boxing available in the market to help you decide which ones to buy.

Starpro M33 Product Range

Starpro is a leading sports manufacturer, offering meticulously crafted, premium quality training equipment for modern athletes. They design their products specifically for performance, comfort, and protection of the athletes. The M33 product range by Starpro includes boxing gloves, focus mitts and headgear. These products use premium quality PU leather in Maya carbon for perfect, unique finish and durability.

M33 Boxing Gloves

M33 boxing gloves are designed for the modern athletes with unique matte black finish and contrast viper green stitching. These gloves have optimal shock absorbent padding for the ultimate protection. The inner hydra-flow mesh of these gloves keeps them dry and fresh for a comfortable experience. Moreover, advanced MonoTec at the wrist along with Velcro closure allows hassle-free donning as well as wrist stabilization.

M33 Focus Mitts

M33 Focus mitts are the ideal choice for trainers. They not only look great but also offer the best protection to the trainers. Their unique single piece mold design with fusion ‘IMF’ grip ball offers a better hold and flexibility for a variety of fighting styles. Dense polymax foam cushioning and Z-Tec mesh make these focus mitts exceptionally comfortable with the minimal overall weight.

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M33 Head Guard

M33 headgear offers optimal cushioning with soft EVA foam and wool padding. The zygomatic design of this headgear provides great cheek and chin protection without obstructing the vision. This head guard comes with a wide Velcro strap at the top and back for adjustable snug fitting. In short, the M33 product range by Starpro is a complete boxing kit for boxers. This kit is ideal for training as well as sparring.

The G30 ‘IMF’ Training Range

Boxing gloves are used for heavy bag workout, boxing, and kickboxing training while grappling gloves are used in MMA and Krav Maga and martial arts training. The G30 Gloves by Starpro are a unique combination of innovative design and advanced technology.

G30 Boxing Gloves

G30 Boxing gloves are fully padded with shock-absorbent foam for maximum impact dissipation. The full thumb attachment of these gloves helps avoid twisting, while the pre-curved anatomic hand design allows a better fist closure for power punches.

G30 Grappling Gloves

These grappling gloves are designed specifically for MMA fighters. Moreover, these gloves have open fingers and thumb for grabbing the opponent. They come with fully padded knuckle for maximum impact dissipation and to protect the fist and knuckles from cuts, bruises, and bleeding.

G30 Junior Boxing Gloves

The G30 range also includes junior boxing gloves for kids. These junior gloves are available in 6-ounce and 8-ounce sizes. These gloves are designed specifically to fit the small, thin hands of the kids. Thick, shock-absorbent foam padding of these gloves offer the best protection against injuries and bruising while the breathable hydra-flow mesh on the er palm makes them ideal for longer wear. G30Junior Boxing Gloves have elastic wrist cuff for an easy donning for the kids.The premium quality PU imitation leather finish ensures the durability of G30 gloves, while the inner hydra-flow mesh makes for a breathable experience. The velcro closure with MonoTec relieves the pressure on the forearm and stabilizes the wrist to avoid injuries and dislocation.

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G30 Punching Bag      

The G30 training range also includes a punching bag. Moreover, G30 punching bag has a unique Maya carbon design. This bag is optimally filled with premium quality fabric blend, which is carefully scanned to ensure the safety and quality standards. The bag comes complete with 4-point suspension chains and galvanized swivel for easy attachment to the ceiling. The G30 punching bag is available in 3-feet and 4-feet ideal sizes.

V-Type Boxing Bandage Pro

The V-Type boxing bandages by Starpro are the best hand wraps in the market. These are ideal to wear on their own or as inner hand wraps to keep the boxing gloves dry and fresh. These hand wraps have a thumb loop and Velcro closure for easy donning each time. The AZO-dye free, premium quality stretch fabric of these hand wraps allows for a snug fitting that holds tightly to the hands for long intense training sessions. These hand wraps make heavy bag workouts and combat training much safer since they keep your hands safe from dislocation and displacement.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards not only protect your teeth, gum, and jaws but also help avoid concussions. But most of the mouth guards available in the market are uncomfortable to use since they affect breathing by hindering free air intake. Starpro mouthguards are designed, specifically for athletes comfort and protection. These mouth guards are made from customizable silicone. Therefore, they can be easily adjusted for individual use by simply heating in hot water for a comfortable fitting.

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Skipping Rope

Skipping rope or Jump rope is a rather simple tool, but quite a significant one for boxing and combat sports training. It is an excellent cardio workout, which conditions the muscles and helps develop endurance. Starpro offers both basic as well as advanced jump ropes in ideal lengths. They come with changeable weights in the handles to diversify your workout routine. Starpro offers a wide product range to meet the specific needs of almost all combat sports styles especially boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and Martial Arts. All their products are crafted for maximum athlete protection and comfort.

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