How to Choose the Best Punching Bag?

The best punching bag to choose depends on a number of things. In this article, I will guide you through some of the key questions to help you choose the right bag.

What will you be using the equipment for? Is it purely for cardio and fitness training or will you be using it for boxing or martial arts training? A bag like the Bob free-standing punching bag is more suited to practicing targeted striking. Bob is shaped like a human upper body and head and is perfect for this. For cardio and fitness training there are many more options.

Where will you use the equipment? Is it for a home gym or something you may need to move from place to place? I personally prefer free-standing punching bags and there are some great ones from the likes of Everlast and Wavemaster. These usually have a round base and can be easily rolled away for storage. That said, of course, they tend to be very heavy! If you train in a space like your home garage it may not always be practical to hang a bag.

How regularly will you train with the equipment? Cheaper bags – often inflatable – are fine for light use but if you are going to train regularly it’s worth buying the best punching bag you can afford. Personally, I use my Everlast punching bag virtually every day and it shows little signs of wear. There are no rips, tears, or worn patches.

Who will be using the equipment? A good freestanding punching bag will have an adjustable stand so you can change the height. This means other members of your family or friends will be able to train with it. Of course, if you allow children to use the equipment you need to ensure they are punching correctly to avoid the risk of injury. I also like to adjust my height for myself to practice punching and striking above my own head height. It’s also great to practice those high kicks if you are training in a martial art such as Choi Kwang Do!

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How much do you want to spend on the equipment? Not surprisingly, the more you can afford to pay the better quality you will get. The adequate thickness of foam padding is key. This will, of course, reduce the risk of injury as well as mean the bag will have an extended lifetime. For hanging bags, the straps and holding need to withstand some serious impact and must also be of good quality. You will, of course, find the equipment cheaper to buy online. The disadvantage maybe you don’t get the chance to ‘feel’ the equipment but a trusted retailer will offer a return policy.

If you follow these guidelines you should be able to decide on the best punching bag for you. If you are new to training with a bag you will soon find it becomes a core of your weekly fitness routine. It can offer an overall body workout and is not just about the upper body and punching practice. As you move around the equipment it will improve your core stability, balance, and all-around body shape with regular use.

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