Where to Buy a Free Standing Punching Bag?

Where do you normally buy your gym or martial arts training equipment? When you decide to buy a free standing punching bag there are a number of things to consider. Of course, the price is an issue but it’s also about value!

Your local gym store or larger department store will probably stock free standing punching bags or at least be able to order one for you. The advantages are the fact that you can physically touch and feel the bag and get an idea of the quality and weight and that you will find it easier to return if there’s a problem. The disadvantages will be having to get the bag home yourself (they are big and heavy!) and the fact you will probably pay considerably more than you would if you buy a free-standing punching bag online.

Free Standing Punching Bag Uses

Using a free-standing punching bag is a great way to get in shape and keep fit and is also great for martial arts training. For the latter, a bag is ideal for target training and perfecting your kicks and strikes. There are a few things you need to consider before you go out and buy a free-standing punching bag and the following will help –

Punch bags come in many different forms including the hang from ceiling speedballs, full-length kick bags, and the freestanding bag. If you are looking to train in martial arts with the equipment a kick shield may be a better option. A human torso-style bag such as the famous Bob punching bag may be a better option than a standard free-standing punching bag if you want to practice targeted strikes and blows.

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All of these types of punch bags are very good but the problem is that most of them require you to have a lot of room and have to install some bolts into your ceiling or rafters. This can be a pain as not all people’s houses have the amount of room needed or a strong enough ceiling. I personally use my garage as a home gym – space is very limited! A kick shield is a versatile option but of course, you will need someone to hold this.

This is where a free-standing punching bag can be very useful – you don’t need to have a great deal of room to use it and there are no dangers of your ceiling falling in after a few aggressive workouts and boxing sessions! I have a preference for Everlast free-standing punching bags and my current one has served me every day (nearly!) for over a year without any signs of wear and tear.

Check Current Price On Amazon 

If you thinking of buying one go to a few local retailers first and check the quality of the material and if you find one you like take a look online where are more than likely to find a better price? Amazon offers the best discounts I’ve seen. You may find a free standing punching bag for sale on eBay or a classified site but I would recommend you get a new one as you have no idea how much punishment the bag has had. If you are looking to buy a kick shield second hand always check the straps if these are worn the equipment may not last long.

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I would encourage anyone who enjoys training with a bag to look into attending classes in Muay Thai as this is an incredible martial art to develop your striking skills.

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