Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled Review 2018

For practicing punching, MMA training or fitness training, you need a durable punching bag. But it’s hard to find the best one from a bunch of products. Also, most of the high-grade punching bags come with a high price. But the Outslayer boxing MMA 100lbs heavy bag filled punching bag has made it possible for a reasonable price and great features. There is no hassle for setup the bag in your home, just a few minutes and you are ready to practice in it. Here I am going to give an honest review based on my experience with it which will help you to make the decision.

Top Features of Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled:

Perfect Weight and Height

When you need the stability of your punching bag, it is necessary to have an ideal weight. It’s 100 lbs. weight is enough for most of the person. Its approximate height is 55 inches. Also, you can extend the height up to 65 inches with the straps. So, it is just perfect for a broad range of people.

Highly Durable

The worst experience with a punching bag is, the outer layer is damaging. But you are going to love toutslayer boxing mma 100lbs heavy bag filledhe Boxing MMA 100lbs heavy bag filled a lot because of the durable construction. No matter if you are continually punching in it, it just stays stable in its position. The materials are strong enough to sustain for a long duration without any issues.

Training Variety

Though it comes with the name as MMA bag, you can use it for almost any type of training. I am using it for my martial arts and boxing practices, and there is no problem at all.Users can use it for any strength training.

No matter if you have found some damages after a heavy training, just ask the manufacturer and they are going to repair it. This incredible warranty will keep you secure to use the bag without worrying.

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  • It comes with a compact design.
  • Included a heavy-duty vinyl cover to store it wherever you wish.
  • People with a wide range of height and weight can use it.
  • Variety of fitness training can be done with it.
  • Made in the USA with the professional quality.
  • Easy to setup at home.


  • Some people have complained about the price.
  • Its outer shell is not made of leather.

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Final Verdict

I have used so many punching bags, and some of them were very high priced. But guess what, most of them were not durable as I expected. But the Out slayer boxing MMA 100lbs heavy bag filled is just perfect for me. If you are going to order it too, be happy that you don’t have to be tensed about damaging of it for 10 years. And, most of the customers are happy like me about its performance. So, I highly appreciate if you are going


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