Black Canvas Punching Bag Chain And Swivel Review

When you are looking for a high-quality punching bag chain and swivel options tend to be the best. This model by Super Supplies is a relatively popular punching bag, but what makes it stand out from the crowd so much?

If you were to find a high-quality punch bag that is going to give you years of thunderous and fearsome boxing experience, what would it need to provide you?

Let’s see if this black canvas punching bag with chains does what you require.

Features of Punching bag chain and swivel:

  • For one, it’s great for standard boxing practice. When looking for a good punching bag chain and swivel features are essential, and this has that. This allows it to move and swivel so that you can keep on landing natural and fearsome combos that will keep your skills improving consistently.
  • At 48” with the chains, this can hang down nice and low so you don’t need to worry about accidentally landing a blow on the bottom of the bag and doing yourself some damage! It’s well made and makes a great choice for newbies, beginners, and veterans at the same time.
  • Impressive strength and durability within the bag; other bags may begin to sack and weaken on you, but this does not. It can take relative punishment without any real issues.
  • It can hold a variety of ingredients within, and it’s entirely up to you what you feel more comfortable punching and kicking into. Adjust the weight and the heaviness of the bag with relative ease to make sure it’s easy for you to lay into and keep your improvement continuous.
  • Like all punch bags, it’s relatively comfortable to lay into; just make sure that you wear gloves or you will do your hand’s plenty of damage long-term!
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  • The chains are strong, sturdy, and move freely so the movement of the bags feels natural and rarely surprises you.
  • Versatile and can be made to hang as low as you need.
  • Good for most ages.


  • While the bag itself does the job intended, it’s a bit vague. The sellers do not tell you what you can and cannot fill it up with – we recommend sand, but it’d be nice if they made this clear. They should make it clear what not to use.
  • Maximum weight held is a mystery, too, so we recommend being on the safe side. While the chains are strong, we’ve seen it reported that they’ll rip relatively easily through the bag with too much weight.

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This punching bag chain and swivel option is a great pick for a beginner or for someone who is on a budget. However, those who are looking for a full-time boxing companion might find that this cannot take the weight or durability that your forcefulness needs.

It’s a fine starting point, but it has its limits. However, like any good punching bag chain and swivel add-ons make it sturdy enough to get you started and into the rhythm in a relatively short period of time.

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