Best Punching Bag For Kids

Whether or not your child is into martial arts or not you can be almost certain that he would not mind having his own punching bag. Its good exercise for the child and he will definitely have a blast punching and kicking it. There are various types of punching bags you can get for kids, from inflatable ones, stand-alone ones right back to the usual hanging types. Keep in mind there are some factors you should emphasize when buying a punching bag for kids.

What type? Which size? What brand?

To keep it short. It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t.

But still, there are some suggestions we would make about buying punching bags for kids. If you will have the bag indoors stay away from inflatable bags. They are really lightweight and very bulky. A small child can easily topple one and carry it around the house. Just think of the clinging sound of broken china.

Stand-alone punching bags do not have a need for a punching bag stand, therefore, are more practical yet still really bulky. Would advise caution due to the fact that the lower part (the part usually filled with water or sand keeping it steady) is made of tough hard plastic. Kicking or punching it may result in unwanted injuries. The prices of the stand-alone types are also really high (about 2-3 times more expensive than hanging bags and about 10 times more expensive than inflatable ones).

You should not concerned regarding brands. 95% of all punching bags in the world come from a city in Pakistan where most of the major companies have their production lines.

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So obviously we would suggest the hanging type but keep in mind to have a lightweight bag, not a heavy bag which could result in a backlash tumbling a child to the ground or hitting him directly in the head.

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What about protection?

As with all child-related topics, safety is always a must. Maybe you don’t have to be concerned about protection when dealing with inflatable bags, but as mentioned before, be concerned about your china and glass products. Otherwise, you should get your kids the proper punching gloves to go along with the punching bag. They are usually sold together so go for those already made packages. Do not trouble yourself with buying expensive leather gloves that could set you back over 50$ if not more. The kids usually get bored with punching bags anyhow and it ends up collecting dust in the attic or in a corner of a garage.

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All in all, we believe that a punching bag is a great gift for a child. It gets him exercising and having fun and not staring at the TV or the computer screen like most children do these days.

Hope you found this topic interesting and will soon bring a smile to your child’s face.

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