New Aqua Punching Bag Review

Punching bags always have been an important part of any kind of workout. Today you are going to read our complete aqua punching bag review.

It is hard to choose the right one from so many options. However, did you ever think that there will punching bags full of water rather than sand? Yes, the new aqua punching bags are the new trend in heavy bags.

Every year more brands are coming up with their aqua punching bags. These new types of punching bags are more effective and have fewer chances of injury.

Aqua punching bags have changed the overall experience of boxing all over the world. The water-filled punching bags are going to give you a totally different experience that you didn’t get from your traditional heavy punching bags.

So, what are the main benefits of using an aqua punching bag?

  • Firstly, there is less swing in the aqua punching bags compared to the other heavy bags. This is a great advantage for the athletes. The water in the bag absorbs and goes with the flow of your punch which ultimately results in far fewer swings than any other heavy short, it can be said that it actually barely moves.
  • Therefore, it can be set up easily in your home also. Though it does not move that much, you will be still able to hear the punch sounds.
  • Secondly, you will feel more flexible while using an aqua punching bag. One will have a better landing on their punches. Other heavy bags which are filled with a soft material like water made it heavier and help to stand still more.
  • For this reason, aqua punching bags are perfect for people who want a more realistic training experience.
  • Another great advantage of aqua punching bags is, that they are safer than other heavy bags. It is a very common incident that when someone hits a heavy bag with an off angle it causes severe injury and as a result, he/she cannot attain their training for several weeks.
  • Injuries are the main reason many fighters have to put an end to their journey or they cannot give their best. By choosing an aqua punching bag one can reduce the chances of injury a lot. It is not like you won’t have any injury at all, but it is always a wise decision to practice with something that has less chance of injury.
  • Lastly, the reason these punching bags are getting such popularity is that they are very cheap. As these bags are filled with water so they can be shipped empty which reduces the shipping price. Moreover, it takes less space to store and when you are using them you can easily dispose of the water and again fill it later.
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So, from all these points it can be easily under how and why aqua punching bags are so great to use.

Aqua Training Punching Bag Review:

There are now many models of aqua punching bags available from different brands in the market. More or less, most of these bags are pretty good. Today we have done a short aqua training bag review for you.

The 15″ 75-pound aqua punching bag is a great deal for people who don’t have that much space at their house but have a big passion for boxing. It is a great aqua punching bag for home gyms. This 15″ 75-pound aqua boxing bag comes with great color and size.

The size is big enough to have a muscle-toning workout, but at the same time, it is small enough to hang it anywhere and t

o store it easily. One can find different color options for aqua punching bags and all of the colors are really vibrant.

These bags are made of commercial grade vinyl which has made these bags really strong to hold up any powerful kick or punch. Moreover, this material is easily stretchable and flexible.

The shape of the bag is also very unique and interesting. It’s a water drop or pear-shaped bag.

This shape with the high-quality flexible material will enhance your training experience a lot.

One of the amazing things about this aqua punching is the huge weight difference. When this 15″ aqua punching bag is filled with water it will weigh 75 pounds, whereas if it is empty it will weigh only around 10 pounds.

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So you can understand that this punching bag is also travel-friendly. You can travel with it anywhere and then just fill it up, therefore, you don’t have to miss any more training while traveling.

The aqua punching bags are waterproof and weatherproof. This gives more reason to use it. As it is small in size you can hang it anywhere and for its quality, you don’t even have to think about its durability.

What comes with the Aqua Training Punching Bag?

  • The bag itself. (emptied)
  • Screwdriver, hose filling nozzle that is required to fill the aqua bag.
  • However, there is no hanging chain available with the box.

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Setting up an aqua punching bag is an easy task. There are fewer instructions, so you are ready to punch your bag just in a few minutes. When you will open the box the main punching bag will be wrapped in a plastic bag along with all other screws and nozzles.

It is advisable that you hang this bag from something which is four times the main weight. (75 pounds). Another important thing to remember, is the aqua punching bags weigh more than the regular punching bags. Therefore, if you decide to hang it from your previous spot make sure it can actually hold it or not.

All you have to do is make sure that it has strong support.

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So there you go. How was the aqua punching bag review? Apart from these issues, it is easier to hand an aqua punching bag, because it can be filed after hanging it. To fill the bug, use the nozzle.

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Connect it to a water source and insert it into the bag. The bag will fill nicely. When it is full insert the lug and tighten it with the screwdriver. Your aqua punching bag is ready to rock.

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