All Types Of Punching Bags

The use of punching bags in training to increase strength and for stress relief is increasing day by day. Punching bags are available in various shapes and sizes, even according to the requirements. In brief, we will discuss the various types of punching bags available on the market.

Types of Punching Bags:

Speed bags:

These are small punching bags filled with air and anchored at the top to a rebound platform parallel to the ground. It helps the boxer to keep his hands us and is extensively used in training to improve speed and perfect body coordination.

Focus bags or Double-end bags:

These bags with the help of elastic or semi-elastic material are anchored to the floor and ceiling, round in shape, and lightweight. To practice mobility and accuracy on a moving target these bags are used.

Maize bags:

These bags are basically used by boxers while training to improve their head motion and to evade an opponent’s punch. Since they are filled with maize they are called maize bags.

Heavy bag:

These bags are used to practice powerful body punches and are cylindrically shaped, larger in size, and suspended in the air by chains or ropes.

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Tower or Pedestal bag:

These bags are not hung by chains but rather mounted on a weighted pedestal. These bags are heavy and are used in training by boxers, amateurs, and professionals.
New variants of punching bags are also available in the market like the body opponent bag or the fabled slam man. Basically, they are not punching bags but, serve the purpose of a punching bag and are extensively used in training.

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